Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Introducing new feature

Cause of the common European vacation in August, I had to drop the weekly updates trend. Also the workload Crystal Works has been receiving lately might not allow us to update ZenBudget on a weekly basis, but have no fear, we haven't forgotten you. After some more or less visible improvements since the last post (such as under-the-hood code updates or minor interface improvements), we're introducing the Monthly View feature for the Accounts & Transactions interfaces.
What this means is that you can now easily go back in time (or future, but it wouldn't be of much help) and review the accounts balances or the specific transactions that took place during your selected month. For eg. you want to know how much you spent on entertainment in July 2007. Just select July 2007 in the time filtering bar (next to the Accounts or Transactions heading), review the Balance next to your "Entertainment" account and click on the account's name to browse the entertainment-related spendings between 1st-31st of July.

Let us know if you have any improvements suggestions.