Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your thoughts on a native iPhone app

And no, we're not dead :)
The permanent workload Crystal Works has been receiving lately didn't allow us to continue improving the application at the rate we would have wanted, but don't worry, we're still using it ourselves and struggle to find the necessary time for getting back to implementing some of the cool new features we have in mind.

So, getting back to the subject of this post, what are your thoughts on having a native iPhone application for tracking your income/expenses while traveling?
I already have in mind a minimal set of features to deploy a first version, like the ability to manage your transactions, check the balances and maybe a custom set of simple reports, but if you are interested and have other ideas, speak your mind about what you would like to see in it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Introducing new feature

Cause of the common European vacation in August, I had to drop the weekly updates trend. Also the workload Crystal Works has been receiving lately might not allow us to update ZenBudget on a weekly basis, but have no fear, we haven't forgotten you. After some more or less visible improvements since the last post (such as under-the-hood code updates or minor interface improvements), we're introducing the Monthly View feature for the Accounts & Transactions interfaces.
What this means is that you can now easily go back in time (or future, but it wouldn't be of much help) and review the accounts balances or the specific transactions that took place during your selected month. For eg. you want to know how much you spent on entertainment in July 2007. Just select July 2007 in the time filtering bar (next to the Accounts or Transactions heading), review the Balance next to your "Entertainment" account and click on the account's name to browse the entertainment-related spendings between 1st-31st of July.

Let us know if you have any improvements suggestions.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekly update (Jul. 24th - Jul. 31st)

Thanks to your much appreciated feedback, we're doing our best to continuously improve During the last few days we've worked on improving the interface and fixing some of the issues you've reported. Among the changes, most notable are:
  • Caching of various page components for further speeding up the website
  • Improved the transactions and accounts interfaces by displaying the information using different colors for income and spendings
  • Improved the accounts tree readability by increasing the subaccounts' indentation
  • Fixed the preferences remembering bug, experienced by 1st time users – right after registration, the preferences (date format, currency) were reset to the defaults
  • many other small changes that will make your life easier ;)
Greetings go to adizda, atryx, muqker, neo & seca for all their help so far. Thanks, guys!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 is launched

Go ahead, take a look! If you find it usefull you may already sign up for your free account. There are still some missing or incomplete parts (of which, probably, the documentation/help system would be the next major milestone to be met), but the core of this service is up an running – and we hope, usefull.
What should you expect from ZenBudget in the next few months?
  • Better usability
  • An increased collection of reports
  • Improved documentation
  • New features (recurrent transactions, email reminders, import scripts from other apps)
  • Some nifty gadgets & widgets for Mac OS, Vista, Google & whatever else might catch our attention.
Have fun using it!
ZenBudget Team

Monday, July 16, 2007 official blog launched

This is the official blog of, your personal finance management application.What is Stay tuned as we expect a quiet launch on July, 23rd. There won't be a lot of buzz around it for a while as we're continuously trying to improve some of its core features, but all you close watchers will be able to sign up and start using it around that time. What should you expect from this blog? New features and misc announcements and – hopefully not too many – downtime/maintenance status reports.