Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekly update (Jul. 24th - Jul. 31st)

Thanks to your much appreciated feedback, we're doing our best to continuously improve ZenBudget.com. During the last few days we've worked on improving the interface and fixing some of the issues you've reported. Among the changes, most notable are:
  • Caching of various page components for further speeding up the website
  • Improved the transactions and accounts interfaces by displaying the information using different colors for income and spendings
  • Improved the accounts tree readability by increasing the subaccounts' indentation
  • Fixed the preferences remembering bug, experienced by 1st time users – right after registration, the preferences (date format, currency) were reset to the defaults
  • many other small changes that will make your life easier ;)
Greetings go to adizda, atryx, muqker, neo & seca for all their help so far. Thanks, guys!

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